The young supporters, who came to the launch of Mamphela Ramphele’s new political party, hope she will help them find jobs.

“I have a degree; I’m struggling to get a job. I am hoping that she’ll help me get a job,” said Ndivhuwo Tshaduli, (24).

Agang was launched at the Pretoria show grounds today and attracted thousands of young South Africans clad in white t-shirts.

Another supporter Junior Mofomme said she’s been unemployed since 2005, “I have a tertiary qualification. I can’t get a real job”. Mofomme said she hope Ramphele will bring about change.

[pullquote align=”right”]“The leaders of this current government set an appalling example that others follow”[/pullquote]

In her speech Ramphele told the crowd “20 years is too long to wait for jobs,” and that “this government is destroying our economy and our society.”

“The failure of the education system is robbing young people of their futures and is handicapping the progress of our country”.

Matric student, Martin Mathebula (18) said he will vote for Agang because he wanted an “equal education”.

“Agang means let’s built South Africa, that means equal education.  I am tired of waiting,” said Mathebula

Ramphele said she was inspired by a burning ambition to expect excellence in education: “If we upgrade the education system and get the economy moving we can start to tackle the poverty and despair that are at the heart of our social problems and are the root causes of crime.”

She said that corruption was at the heart of the problems South Africa is facing.

“The leaders of this current government set an appalling example that others follow,” said Ramphele.

“We deserve to have a President who knows that it is wrong to steal money meant for RDP houses to build himself a R206 million palace.”

Unemployed Huitsimang Sethunya (21), said she hoped Ramphele would finish the work the African National Congress (ANC) started but is failing to complete.