College students who were evicted from their residence in Bramley last week landed up in crowded accommodation after waiting all day. Some students could not get transport to campus and as a result missed tests on Friday.

The Central Johannesburg College (CJC) students were evicted last Tuesday morning by the landlord from their Student Village residential Complex.  After CJC fell into arrears for their accomodation according to Aengus Investment properties (AIP).

Inga Matsitsela, a former Bramley resident, told Wits Vuvuzela that he had to sleep in a two-bedroom apartment with four other students following the eviction.

[pullquote]”After all of that I had to sleep in a two bedroom with four other guys,” [/pullquote]

“We waited until late on Tuesday night to get a place to stay. We waited outside Aengus from the morning already. After all of that I had to sleep in a two bedroom with four other guys,” Matsitsela said.

AIP management told Wits Vuvuzela that while the students were evicted from Bramley they were not left homeless.

“AIP ensured that all the affected students were relocated to safe, modern, convenient accommodation in the area.”

Management from AIP added that they were sensitive to the fact that many students were writing tests and exams and that they had tried their best to make sure that minimal disruption occurred.

Matsitsela and other former Bramley residents were moved to Langlaagte, near Soweto. Students had to organise their own transport to college until Friday.

Buses were organised for Friday but arrived late in the day. As a result, Henrich Makuwa missed his end of term mathematics test.

According to a notice by Aengus, students were evicted because of non-payment.

The notice by Aengus to CJC students read as follows: “Please be advised that your institution has failed to pay your accommodation in spite of numerous attempts by yourselves to secure payment.”

The students found this notice the morning of their eviction and had received no prior warning.

“We have received no apology or anything from anyone for the mess that has happened,” said Matsitsela.

Some students have managed to return to Bramley, while others such as Makuwa and Matsitsela are still staying in Langlaagte.

Students who moved back to Bramley said improvements were made to some of the broken doors in the residence.

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