TWO Wits students have beat thousands from around the country to make it to the semi-finals of the Sprite Uncontainable hip hop competition.

Gigi Lamayne, 1st year BA, and Trevor “Pulse” Nkosi, 2nd year BA Political Science and International Relations, are two of the eight semi-finalists competing in the category for emcees.

The eight semi-finalists from the various categories will compete against each other on Saturday, July 27 at Zen on Fox Street in Braamfontein.

Nkosi and Lamayne were encouraged to audition by friends when they saw the competition booths set up on the library lawns on East Campus earlier this year. Both Witsies were surprised when they received the call because they didn’t think they would make it this far.

Lamayne said she was initially hesitant to audition because of her gender: “I’m a girl and I’m little,” she said.

However, she is now excited to be the only girl who has made it this far in the competition to represent Wits.

Keeping Wits University hip

Both Nkosi and Lamayne were unaware that they went to the same university until Wits Vuvuzela brought them together in an interview, but they were happy for the double opportunity to represent Wits.

Nkosi said they were yet to experience the actual competition, because they hadn’t gone up against other entrants.
Up until now the competition consisted mainly of going into a booth and reciting their lyrics.

“The experience will come with the semi finals, now we’re getting into it we’re gonna realise who’s got grimy teeth and who doesn’t” said Nkosi.

When asked about their plans if they win the competition, both Lamayne and Nkosi stressed the importance of completing their studies.
Lamayne said: “Stopping my studies is totally out of the question…an educated rapper is what the industry needs right now.”

Nkosi said what he is doing now is about “street cred”, so people will remember him one day, but as far as his education goes he agrees with Lamayne.
“I need to get my degree, I need to open up my dimensions, I need to think more broadly,” he said.

The finals will take place on August 3 at the South African Hip-Hop Festival in Johannesburg. The winners from the three categories will be flown to the USA for the annual  global version of the  Hip-Hop experience.