GOOGLE is creating future leaders in technology by targeting universities in sub-Saharan Africa and Wits is one of them.

Thanks to Witsies Jordan Stephanou and Jason Botha, Wits has been registered as one of the universities to participate in the annual Google Student Ambassador (GSA) summit. The summit is aimed at training future leaders in technology about Google and how it can better a university and the community at large.

Stephanou and Botha attended the three-day GSA summit this year in Kenya, Nairobi where they received training in leadership and using Google applications.

“It gave us the opportunity to interact with students from sub-Saharan universities and gain leadership skills,” said Botha.

GSA is an initiative that gives student ambassadors the resources to connect their university to Google. This will help boost Wits’ online presence as well as improve communication between students and the various faculties on campus.

Stephanou and Botha plan to register the GSA as an official Wits society and are urging students to come and join. After they register, they want to organise fun Google marketing events and training sessions that will provide students with the tools to make a difference in their environment.

“This is a localised initiative to spread the word of Google and its various products that can help improve websites in the online market,” said Botha.

“Any student can apply and join. You don’t need any IT experience.”

Ideally in the future this programme could help students by sharing internships at Google as well as help them with general marketing strategies.

The GSA summit is an annual event that takes place at the beginning of the year, so if you want to be a student ambassador in 2014, it is best to get involved as soon as possible.

To find out more, email or follow @googleWits on Twitter.