The Star newspaper released a poem dismissed lecturer Last Moyo wrote and gave to a colleague at Wits.

Moyo who was recently fired by Wits for sexual harassment told The Star that in July last year he had gone to the colleague’s  office and they spoke about literature. She recited a poem for him and he promised to send her one of his own poems.  According to The Star, Moyo said the poem was “innocent”.

This is the poem he wrote:

For You (My Dream)

A beautiful rose that exudes the sweet smell of love,

[pullquote align=”right”]”In her bosom my nectar resides, to lick while I spread the seed of life”[/pullquote]

Her petals flap like the wings of a faithful dove.

Her chest harbours the sweet tremors of my delight,

When will my hand fondle her sweet pointed hills?

That shine with love and simmer with romance,

Perhaps it is not very far.

For me to hold her hand and make her mine.

Yet it all remains just a dream.


Her lips carry a promise of an eternal kiss,

Her arms carry the promise of eternal warmth,

In her bosom my nectar resides,

To lick while I spread the seed of life.

Her eyes pierce my heart with a sweet pain.

Her smile symbolizes that final nail,

Killing me softly with admiring disdain.


She is a reward for the truth I feel inside,

That prays for her eternal embrace,

Cupid Heart when will you smile at me?

Letting me closer to feel your warm breath on my chest,

As we race consumed by eternal love.

Perhaps it’s not very far,

Yet for now it’s nothing but just a dream.