PYA candidate spray painting the West Campus tunnel.

PYA candidate spray painting the West Campus tunnel.      Photo: Caro Malherbe

The Progressive Youth Alliance spray painted the West Campus tunnel today. With the  SRC 2013/2014 elections which took place this month, the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) “wants to let students know that the PYA are still here,” said candidate Nompendulo Mkatshcwa.

The PYA is a party made up of youth organisations such as, the South African Students Congress (SASCO), Young Communist Party (YCL), the ANCYL and Muslim Student Association (MSA).

"Do right", "Our Wits. Our PYA. Vote PYA."

“Do right”, “Our Wits. Our PYA. Vote PYA.”                                                                         Photo: Caro Malherbe

The tunnel was a canvas of vibrant, luminescent colours as members stood singing and spray painting the walls.

“We are moving”, “Do Right!” and “Our Wits, Our PYA, Vote PYA”, were some of the things written in spray paint on the tunnel walls.  Mkatschwa said each year PYA wins 98/99% from the students who vote. Painting the tunnel is “to remind students that we are still the best youth organisation on campus.”

The candidates, some wearing various ANCYL and PYA T-shirts busted into song and dance while students walked through the tunnel, viewing the spectacle.