The 2013 SRC elections started today. The voting process is an easy and convenient one so if you have not yet voted you still have two more days so go for it.

STEP ONE: Go to a voting station with your student card. There are voting stations on the different campuses so find one closest to you.

STEP TWO: An election “scrutineer” will take your card to mark on it that you have voted and to check if you are eligible to vote.

STEP THREE: Get your name checked off on the register.

STEP FOUR: Get your ballot. Make sure your ballot has been signed to verify its validity.

STEP FIVE: Go to the cubicle and mark 15 circles next to your favourite candidates’ numbers. Remember you can vote for less than 15 candidates but you cannot vote for more than 15.

STEP SIX: Drop your ballot into the ballot box. Remember not to fold your ballot. Then that’s it, you’ve voted. Well done.

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