Project W's Jabulile Mabuza and Jarred Hart respond to the announcement of the 2013 SRC portfolio. Photo: Ray Mahlaka

Project W’s Jabulile Mabuza and Jarred Hart respond to the announcement of the 2013 SRC portfolio. Photo: Ray Mahlaka

By Ray Mahlaka and Emelia Motsai

Progressive Youth Alliance’s (PYA) Shafee Verachia was elected the new SRC president at the constitutional meeting that was held yesterday.

The meeting was held to determine which portfolios the newly elected SRC members will take up.

Outgoing SRC president Sibulele Mgudlwa said Verachia’s position was uncontested. The new SRC is made up of eight PYA members and seven Project W members who were voted for by Witsies last month.

Paul Ndeweni got the deputy president portfolio, Michlene Monya is the secretary general, Shoki Masha,  deputy secretary general and the treasurer is Sandile Ngwenya.

[pullquote]”It’s clear they do not want to work with us”[/pullquote]

The new SRC will no longer have two deputy presidents but will have a deputy secretary general. Some portfolios like clubs, societies and student governance were merged.

Academics and policy were also merged and so was projects, media and campaigns.

Two new portfolios were created,  day student liaison officer and campus liaison officer.  Having only PYA members in the executive team and merging of some portfolios left Project W SRC elects very upset.

Project W’s Jabulile Mabuza, who got a newly created portfolio  said she was disheartened by what had happened and PYA had merged positions to monopolise power.

“It’s clear they do not want to work with us,” said Mabuza with tears in her eyes.

Outgoing vice president external Joy Phiri said it was normal for the SRC to create new positions to meet the needs of students.

Jamie Mighti of Project W said he was “disgusted and shocked”. He said they were not consulted on the decision to create the new portfolios or who was going to take what portfolio. He described the portfolio’s his organisation received as “fluff positions”.

He added: “They [PYA] don’t want to negotiate. They have created a winner takes all situation.”

PYA member Tebogo Thothela, (SRC 2011/12),  said they had been in talks with Mighti about  the issue of portfolios and Mighti’s demands were two portfolios in the executive team for Project W. He said they (Project W)  said nothing about the other portfolios.

2013/14 SRC portfolios

  •  President- Shafee Verachia – PYA
  •  Deputy President  Paul Ndiweni – PYA
  •  Secretary general- Michlene Mongae – PYA
  •  Deputy Secretary general- Shoki Masha – PYA
  •  Treasurer- Sandile Ngwenya
  •  Projects, media and campaigns-  Nelson Maunatlala – PYA
  •  Clubs, societies and student governance – Sarah Mokwebo – PYA
  •  Academics and policies- Angeliki Vidalis – PYA
  •  Community and service development- Avigal Cutler – Project W
  •  Transformation officer- Jarred Hart- Project W
  •  Legal officer- Gerry Comninos – Project W
  •  Strategic planning- Ethan Genende – Project W
  •  International officer- Kay Mlaba – Project W
  •  Campus liaison officer- Jabulile Mabuza – Project W
  •  Day student liaison officer- Jamie Mighti- Project W