A new residential complex for the University of the Witwatersrand will be opened in 2014. The new residence comes in light of the increase in the number of students at the university.

The number of residence students has increased by 100%,over the passed ten years, bringing the total to 5900 resident students.

Noswal Hall is situated in Stiemens street, opposite The Braamfontein Centre and Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

Noswal Hall is a self-catering student residence, providing accommodation for about 400 students and the main objective is to accommodate more senior students.

Mahube Mogashoa, third year law student applied for residency at Noswall Hall and said she is looking forward to the opening of the residence.

“I am really excited about the new residency, it’s like junction except it’s a bit cheaper and it’s in Braamfontein and it has great facilities especially fit for a senior student,” she said.

According to Nazime Randerra, acting head of residences the idea of a new student residence was supported by the Department of Higher Education and Senate to accommodate as many students as possible. The apartments consist of two-, three- and four single room units and are equipped with a bed and fridge.

The residency also has internet connectivity, a television room, computer lab, study room and kitchen area. The building was assessed by the Johannesburg City Council to ensure that it meets the health and safety standards and identify escape routes. Wits does not own the land, but has the option to buy the land in the future.