Anxious Zimbabwean students are holding their breath as they wait to hear if they will be able to register for the new academic year, as some of their outstanding fees have not been settled by the Zimbabwean student’s scholarship fund.

Gita Patel, manager of the Wits International Students’ office said that according to the university rules, all payments must be paid, before students can be allowed to register. “This applies to all students”, she said. Not just the Zimbabwean students who were affected.

A student who asked not to be named said that he was worried he would not be able to further his studies this year, as he still had outstanding fees that he could not afford to pay off personally, as he has other siblings attending varsity too. “Because it’s the government, we have to believe that they will make a way, but it’s never been this bad before”, he said. The student added that the monthly stipend was inconsistent.The visibly distressed student said that now it “was all up to hope and faith”. Patel said that the fees for the Zimbabwean students were often received as installments during the year.

While most students are uncertain when or if their fees will be settled Patel was adamant that the necessary funds would be made available, “I just don’t have a date,” she said.
A student representative from the scholarship said that he was “not at liberty to discuss the details of the scholarship”.
Patel said that students were welcome to approach her about their registrations.


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