SIGN HERE: A student signs up for Wits Vibe and gets a complimentary t-shirt

SIGN HERE: A student signs up for Wits Vibe and gets a complimentary t-shirt Photo: Nomatter Ndebele

The Old Mutual Sports Hall was abuzz this week with students signing up for various sports clubs and teams. This year Wits Sports Administration boasts 37 clubs for students to choose from.

The new kid on the block is Wits vibe.  A team dedicated to breathing life into Wits’ sporting community. Wits Vibe is a community  based organisation that offers students a fuller sporting experience for every season.The group will be revealing a new sports mascot for Wits and allowing students With Wits Vibe cards free entry at Monday’s Varsity Cup rugby match.

The match will also showcase the first cheer of the year from the Wits’ cheerleading squad. The squad, who are sponsored by Samsung, only started last year and are still recruiting more cheerleaders.  Those who get through the auditions could be in line to receive a bursary to the value of R6 000.

Several students crowded around the table tennis club

, taking turns to have a go. Students who join the table tennis team will be joining the 2012/2013 university sport champions.  The team consist of five national players, offering students an opportunity to learn from the best.

The group also offers an opportunity to go on an international tour. Team member Hlumelo Rubushe described the sport as being similar to Play Station “You have to apply yourself because table tennis is easy to learn but difficult to perfect,” said Rubushe.

On Tuesday the team had already registered 30 students, with many more queuing up to join the club.

When one hears the word ‘frisbee’, you may think of a group of people leisurely throwing a plastic disk at each other. But the Wits Ultimate Frisbee team takes the sport to a whole new level. “It’s all about running your legs off and diving very hard”, said club chair Sally Crompton. Ultimate Frisbee games are refereed by the team players. “It’s a very honest game, if there’s a problem we stop play and figure it out altogether,” she said.

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