Photo: Ilanit Chernick

Sally Crompton is a BA graduate, doing her honours in history, and has played on the Wits Ultimate Frisbee team for the past two years. She was born in Durban and moved to Jo’burg when she was two years old.

Describe yourself in a few words.
A little strange, friendly, caring. The way I was brought up influenced the things I do and the way I interact with people.

What are your hobbies?
Ultimate Frisbee, underwater hockey, listening to music, reading Ian McEwan and Harry Potter, camping and hiking.

What is your personal philosophy?
Shit happens. But you have to put yourself out there, be friendly and make new experiences for yourself.

Your most exciting/impactful moment in life?
When I moved to France for six months on exchange. Living on my own in a foreign city and meeting new friends taught me that we all have something in common with everyone.

What has been your biggest challenge at university so far?
Honours has definitely been a huge challenge. The amount of work, wow!

What sets you apart from the rest?
My hair. This is the personality right here.

We hear you’re an avid frisbee lover, tell us about it?
I play Ultimate Frisbee for Wits and I love it. It’s kind of a mix between American football and netball. There are two teams and each side throws the frisbee to its team members and you have to get it across the entire field. You run a lot! You make so many friends and it can be really competitive, but so much fun. The best part about it is the scoring system, which is based on the spirit of the game. You’re your own referee so it focuses on integrity and honesty. We’re actually going to nationals this weekend in Cape Town.

How many times have you been hit in the head with a frisbee?
Ha ha, a fair few. Injuries do happen and it’s not just the face that gets hit. The boob is the worst – definitely not so fun. But it’s part of the game!

What music are you into?
John Butler Trio, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kings of Leon and SA Bellville bands like Fokofpolisiekar.

What is your message to your fellow Witsies?
Take advantage of what Wits has to offer. Get involved, it makes life so much better.