Smash and grab robbers have been targeting Empire Road, just outside Wits, in the past week.

A Wits student, who asked to remain anonymous, was the most recent victim of a smash and grab while she waited for the traffic lights to change at the intersection of Yale and Empire Roads.

A man approached her car and told her that her left tyre was flat. As she stepped from the car to check, the man smashed her window and tried to steal her bag, which was on the passenger side floor.

She managed to grab the bag back but, in the process, the man grabbed some cash protruding from it.

the latest crime wave was a “spill-over from Hillbrow and Johannesburg central

Another student was the victim of a smash and grab while waiting in traffic on Empire Road next to the Rea Vaya station under the highway bridge. A man came to the left side of her car, smashed her passenger window and managed to steal her handbag from the passenger seat.

These are the latest in a series of crimes that have taken place around Wits in recent weeks. Last week, two Wits Vuvuzela journalists were the victims of muggings on campus.

Campus Control Security and Liaison manager, Lucky Khumela, told Wits Vuvuzela the latest crime wave was a “spill-over from Hillbrow and Johannesburg central”.

“Criminals have become aware that Braamfontein is a place full of students living in res and flats. They are seen as easy targets because they are usually carrying valuables or money.”

He emphasised that Campus Control was working continuously with the Hillbrow police to deal with crime in the area. He asked students not to leave any bags or valuables visible while driving as this “makes for opportunistic crime”.

He warned students to be vigilant and to report any criminal activity in and around Wits to Campus Control on 011-717-4444/6666.