Students worldwide are benefiting from a Witsie’s online social networking platform to make learning about the sciences easier and more interactive.

Houston Muzamhindo, a 3rd year BSc student has created IQMates, an intellectual social networking site for students studying in the various science faculties to learn from each other through “interactive learning”.

“The site combines social networking and education, so it’s like a platform on which knowledge can be shared.”

“We are creating a community for students and tutors to communicate to have academic colaborations where students can share information from any university in the world.”

Muzamhindo explained that the site has 21 courses avaliable to students including computer sciences and maths. He said: ” We have over 3 100 registered students with tutors and videos from lecturers and tutors from USA to India, in 24 countries now.”

The website has also assisted different recruiting companies to find students to mentor by giving them internships. “IQmates will impact the lives of the students, they are passing and landing their first jobs.”

Muzamhindo and his team have recently been recognised by Microsoft as one of 35 technology startups in SA that have high growth, job creation, youth empowerment opportunities and that will bring change to communities.

Muzamindo says that reaching this level of success has not been easy. “I sacrificed a lot, my school and many all nighters … learning how to code. With no programming background since I didn’t do Computer Science, it was sacrifice all the way even until now.”

IQmates also has a store with student focused classifieds which allows students to connect with each other.