ENCIRCLED: Ex Witsies enjoying food and drinks at the newly opened Wits Alumni Pub. Photo: Zelmarie Goosen

ENCIRCLED: Wits alumni enjoying food and drinks at the newly opened Wits Alumni Pub on west campus. Photo: Zelmarie Goosen

By Zelmarie Goosen and Lutho Mtongana

Staff and alumni of Wits now have an after-work hangout on west campus.

The Alumni Pub  opened its doors for a trial run yesterday in one of the many spaces at the Cape-Dutch styled Wits Club.

The pub caters for alumni, staff, and the Kudu runners, a team of Wits alumni runners.

Postgraduate students and alumni from other universities are welcome at the pub which currently consists of a lounge and outside dining area.

Jimmy Neophytou, manager of the pub, says the menu currently only consists of small food items. “It’s a starting point, we want to grow it, and once it’s grown we will add more items to the menu,” he said.

“This is like a test run. As it develops we will have specials and discounts and events”, Neophytou added.

The Alumni Pub is an initiative of the Wits Alumni office which wanted to provide a relaxing, after-hours meeting for alumni of Wits and other universities.

The pub’s survival is dependent on the number of people that will make use of it. “As it grows the menu will grow, the number of days will grow, so this [opening] is just to see if people are interested in it” says Neophytou.

The pub opens every Wednesday from 17:30 to 21:30.