Following a debate earlier in the week, the question of where student political parties receive their funding has taken centre stage a week before the elections.

Claims were made that Project W got funding for its campaign from Zionist groups at a debate during the SRC debate on Monday at the Piazza.

Project W leader Jamie Mighti said: “It’s a lie, don’t get misled that we get money from anyone else. I want to answer these malicious lies. We get our money from students.”

He said they started planning for the election campaign last year. “We all know there would be financial requirements,” said Mighti.

Project W has a budget of R50 000. In an interview with Wits Vuvuzela Mighti said the organisation had money that it had saved from the previous year and members and volunteers also contributed. “Project W is a student run, student funded, student organisation.There is nothing we get from any body.”

“We all know there would be financial requirements.”

He said that members of the organisation take the campaign seriously and they were required to contribute “at least” R1 000 to the campaign. “We have old candidates who also contribute.”

He did also say that some wealthy members of the party contributed a significant amount of money to the campaign.

Wits Vuvuzela approached the PYA to comment on where their funding comes from but got no response.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) deputy coordinator Sive Mqikela said: “We’re working in the budget that the university has given to us. We are not being funded by anyone and we are fundraising.”

The party received R500 for each candidate from the university “so that’s R7 500”. Mqikela said their campaign is “mainly based on ideas”, not how many posters or resources they have.

Mqikela said they did not get any funding from the mother body.

He said they requested money “but we didn’t receive anything”.