A meeting to select the next president of the Student Representative Council (SRC) has been delayed. The meeting would have also decided on other executive positions as well specific portfolios.

The meeting was supposed to take place tomorrow during lunch where the SRC president and executive committee members were to be discussed and decided upon by the newly elected SRC, comprising Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) and Project W members.

Project W’s Jamie Mighti confirmed that an SMS was sent out to the SRC members which said the meeting was delayed as some of the SRC members were “unable to make tomorrow’s meeting”.

The president and executive members of the SRC are decided by a vote of the 15 SRC members and the four members appointed from external committees and councils.

The PYA won the majority of the seats in this year’s SRC elections and so will likely be the ultimate decision-makers of the SRC president, executive members and portfolio holders.