A Wits security guard attempted to stop a car involved in a robbery while it was fleeing the scene of a robbery in Braamfontein on Saturday.

The vehicle, a red Volkswagen Polo, is believed to have been involved in at least five muggings around the Braamfontein and Wits area over the last week.

Saturday robbery

A female student, who asked to remain anonymous, was walking on Jorissen street when a man walked up behind her.

“He distracted me and then stole my cellphone right from my hands. It happened so quickly,” she said.

The robber then climbed into a waiting red Polo driven by an accomplice and the two of them drove off.

The student ran to a guard who alerted other members of security in the area. According to Campus Security and Liaisons manager Lucky Khumela, one of the security guards then saw the Polo waiting at a red traffic light on Simmonds street.

“He grabbed a metal pole and hit the back window and the side of the car as a way of trying to stop them from getting away,” said Khumela.

The car managed to get away but has not been seen in the area since.

Previous incidents

On Friday, the same car was involved in two muggings where two cell phones and a wallet were stolen. Khumela said most of the victims in the past week had been females.

Khumela has asked students to “keep an eye out” for the vehicle and to call the police or campus control if it is seen.

The number plate of the red Polo is WSW533 GP.

Crime around campus can be reported to Campus Control on (011) 717-444