FLYING OFF THE SHELF: A Vuvuzela stand at Medical School stands empty.

FLYING OFF THE SHELF: A Vuvuzela stand at Medical School stands empty.

The Journalism Department at Wits has received complaints that there are not enough newspapers being delivered to the Medical and Education campuses.

Do Wits students actually read the Wits Vuvuzela? Does the University distribute too many copies of the newspaper on campus? Or are there too few?

“If you find something interesting, then you would want to read it.”

Sometimes you can find what you are looking for and sometimes you cannot. On parts of campus such as the Medical School and Education Campus, distributers of the newspaper have received complaints that there are not enough papers delivered there.

The amount of Wits Vuvuzela newspapers in news-stands at Wits has varied at distribution points on campus.

On East Campus, where the Vuvuzela is produced, many news-stands have a large amount of left-over newspapers by the time the newspapers have to be replaced.

On the other hand, Students and staff at the Wits Medical School have complained that there are not enough papers distributed there. “There are 12 of us on security here at the Medical School” said campus control security guard Thanduxo Nozibele, “we love reading the newspaper because it is free and we love the stories, but when we look for the latest issue, we can’t find even one”.

Zain Patel, a 4th year medical student, said “If you find something interesting, then you would want to read it. There should be 3 newsstands placed around our campus so that every Friday those who can’t find a paper at the one entrance can find one somewhere else”.

Opinions vary on the causes for both the leftovers and the backlog. Some students claim that they are far too busy to take a newspaper. “I don’t read the Vuvuzela” said 4th year medical student Dimo Sithole, “I don’t usually get involved in campus activity, I’m just here to study and I go straight home after lectures, I’m way too busy with work”.

Micaela Gradidge, a 3rd year BHSC student, suggested that she does not read the paper as “everything in the Vuvuzela is on main campus” and that she “only read the paper when there was a story about medical school”.

There are approximately 5000 students based at the medical school, yet there are only 300 newspapers scheduled to be delivered there.

Several students at  the Wits Medical School who spoke to the Wits Vuvuzela, claim that they enjoy reading the Vuvuzela and get upset when the newsstand is empty. Lerato Segodi, a 4th year medical student said “I love reading Vuvuzela when I see an interesting article, when I can’t find one then I usually get one from a friend on West Campus, and when I can’t find a copy that upsets me.”

The Vuvuzela distributers have aimed to correct this by scheduling more papers to be delivered to higher flow areas, such as the medical school and education campus, and less to areas where there is a low demand. The Vuvuzela has a current distribution of 10000 newspapers.

The Vuvuzela is distributed by the students of the Wits Journalism Programme every Friday at 12 o’clock.