DigitalCampus is offering 100% online Wits accredited certificates

DigitalCampus is offering 100% online Wits accredited certificates. Photo: File

DigitalCampus , the online platform that offers courses Wits online courses, has teamed up with Wits Plus to revolutionise the learning experience using an online learning platform.

Online enrollment began in December 2014, and for now only one course (A certificate in Managing Labour Relations) is on offer. 18 students are presently enrolled in the program. Courses that will be offered are aimed at corporate individuals who are looking to develop their professional skills.

According to their website the program offers more than just online courses. DigitalCampus assures that their courses are focused on the practical skills you need, to get ahead in your career.

What do I need to do to enroll for a course?

To get started you will need a Grade 12 or matric certificate (or equivalent). In the absence of a Grade 12 certificate, recognition of prior learning will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you are over the age of 23 and have 3 years working experience you may be considered.

The courses provided by DigitalCampus are 100% online.

The course duration is 10 weeks. These are divided into 8 modules, with one module a week. The 9th week is a study break which is then followed by a final exam in week 10.

Lecture videos are provided for a more comprehensive engagement with the content. Assignments and information are distributed online and via email correspondence.

Exams take place online. You must have access to the internet, a laptop and a webcam for identity verification.

All content is provided by Wits Plus, the Centre for Part-Time Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand which offers various qualifications and a wide range of high-level short courses to mature professionals.

The qualification provided is a NQF Level 5 Wits certification.

The course will cost you between R10000 and R12000 per course.

All course material is in English and all assessments are delivered in English.

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