NewWork15 collaborated with Pungwe @Live Studio for an art exhibition at Noswal Hall Residence. The exhibition was held as an activation of one of many Wits School of Arts fundraising events for fourth-year Fine Arts students ‘grad show’ taking place at the end of the year.


FUNDRAISING: Gontse Mathabathe is among the  Fine Arts students raising funds for 'grad show'. Photo: Litaletu Zidepa

FUNDRAISING: Gontse Mathabathe, a fourth-year Fine Arts student, is part of the NewWork15 group that is raising funds for the ‘grad show’. Photo: Litaletu Zidepa

A collaboration between fourth-year fine arts students who call themselves New Work15  and an organisation called Pungwe gathered up for their first exhibition at Noswal Hall to raise funds for Wits School of Arts ‘grad show’, taking place at the end of the year.

Guided by the concept of pungwe (an occasion for devotional watching, or an observance) the audience was guided to a video installation display, meddled with musical and instrumental collaboration between Siya Makhuzeni and Nick Field.

Gontse Mathabathe,  4th year Fine Art, said: “We have decided to collaborate with Pungwe, which is kind of a social organisation that brings together different creatives and different artists into one space. Our main purpose for these events is to try and bring a kind of Wits School of Arts environment to Braamfontein.”

The event brought together dj’s, Kapula, Mma Tseleng, beat boy dancers and musical segments from ‘Ippyfuze’ songstress Siya Makhuzeni and Nick Field. This was accompanied with wine and food sold by the Fine Art students.

PUNGWE: 'Ippyfuze' Songstress Siya Makhuzeni and Nick Field collaborated in a fusion of instrumental and musical segments to entertain students. Photo: Litaletu Zidepa

PUNGWE: ‘Ippyfuze‘ Songstress Siya Makhuzeni and Nick Field collaborated in a fusion of improvised mimics and instrumental musical segments. Photo: Rafieka Williams

“The event will help create awareness to the NewWork15 Fine Art student group and make people aware that we do exist in the Wits School of Arts. We also hope to raise funds for our grad show which is going to be an exhibition of our work, while keeping people entertained,” said Gontse.

The Wits Fine Arts students presented a video installation using various images of everyday people, talking about their journeys, creating an atmosphere that integrated with the car installation art work which was constructed in the exhibition space outside Noswal Hall.