Wits Student Representative Council (SRC) president Mcebo Dlamini is “gathering his thoughts” following his removal from his position today while the rest of the SRC is meeting to discuss the decision.

Dlamini made the comment to Wits Vuvuzela after several phone calls. He declined to comment further.

Wits Vice Chancellor Adam Habib announced in a statement made earlier today that Dlamini would removed his position as SRC with immediate effect due to an ongoing disciplinary action for misconduct earlier this year.

It is not clear what was the nature of the misconduct. A disciplinary panel had already found Dlamini guilty but the vice chancellor suspended the sentence while the former SRC president appealed the decision.

However, in his statement on Monday, Habib accused Dlamini of attempting to delay the appeal in an attempt to serve out his entire term as SRC president.

Acting SRC president Shaeera Kalla declined to comment on Dlamini’s dismissal. A source with knowledge inside the SRC told Wits Vuvuzela that the student representative council was meeting tonight to discuss Dlamini.

Habib denied Dlamini’s removal was related to his recent comments praising the Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany and his accusation that “all whites had an element of Hitler in them”.

“I would also like to state that the separate matter of Mr Dlamini’s recent declaration of admiration for the fascist leader, Adolf Hitler, and what I believe to be racist comments regarding whites, did not influence my current decision to require him to step down,” Habib said. However, the vice chancellor said he has asked the Legal Office to investigate the comments.

Wits Economic Freedom Fighters secretary Mbe Mbhele has come out against the removal of Dlamini, calling it a “continuation of the defence of White supremacy at the university”.

Mbhele added that he believes that it is a “lie that the vice chancellor’s decision is not affected in any way by the recent comments on Hitler, it’s because he touched the Jewish people that [Dlamini] is being told to step down.”