1. Take it as a sign to get kinky with your study partner, especially now that exams are around the corner!

2. Use it as an excuse to binge eat everything in your fridge but go easy on the garlic, cause, garlic!

3. Laugh in the dark as people pass you by. For extra effect, shine a torch light in your face everytime you do this.


4. Use it as an excuse to binge drink everything in your fridge

5. Practise turning on the lights with your mind. About 40% of human beings are known to have untapped telekinetic powers (trust us on this, we’re journalists).

6. Make shadow puppets with your toes. Useful activity for (1) above.

Make a photograph that features a shadow as your subject today. // Admittedly, I'm just doing it with my hand.

7. Instagram your night of darkness without a flash. Use the hashtag #darkness #Nofilter.

8. Try and match your socks up in the dark.

Joey_peeing9. Grab a candle and walk up and down your place repeatedly – make the neighbours feel like a seance is underway.

10. If you’re a guy, stand about half a metre away from the toilet and aim for the bowl! Disinfect bathroom in the morning!