African language radio stations are now putting their content on new and social media.

The South African Broadcasting Cooperation (SABC) has an obligation to broadcast in all South African languages but their online information and news has traditionally mainly  if not always been in English.

In April, Umhlobo Wenene FM, SABC Xhosa radio station, began making their hourly news bulletins and current affairs content available on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and SABC news website in Xhosa.

SABC’s Lungisa Nogcazi and Izak Minnaar gave a presentation on this new project at Radio Days Africa conference, presently been hosted by the Wits Radio Academy. Nogcazi said that the aim is to make African language content available on social media. “

We put content in standard Xhosa but (contributors) can use their social media language to comment,” Nogcazi said.


Thus far Umhlobo Wenene is the only non-english SABC radio station doing presently making their content available on social media.

A correction has been made to the original article which had Lungisa Nogcazi’s name spelt incorrectly as Lungisa Nongcasa.