PYA and EFF members gathered for an expected SRC election circus, not knowing that campaigning has been suspended.


PYA and EFF candidates gathered in vein on West Campus at the FNB building yesterday in the run up to the WITS SRC elections.

According to PYA’s twitter account, supporters were requested to meet at 1:20pm at the FNB building, for an official election circus.

A hand full of PYA members were handing out pamphlets encouraging students to vote for their party.

When asked, the candidates told those that gathered that they were waiting on the parties officials and the Independent Electoral Committee (IEC), none of whom showed up.

PYA representatives told Wits Vuvuzela that, “It seems as though only Project W were made aware of the postponement, because it was only the EFF and the PYA that prepared for today’s circus.”

This comes after the brawl broke out on Tuesday at the Wits SRC electoral debate after the debate was disrupted by the Wits EFF.

According to the University, campaigning for all parties was suspended until further notice.

What seemed at first, to be a defiance of the cancellation to those who knew about it turned into a simple misunderstanding and miscommunication on the part of the candidates and their party.

As it stands, campaigning has been limited to certain areas until further notice.