By Litaletu Zidepa and Queenin Masuabi 

“Elegance is elimination.” – Cristóbal Balenciaga

Parisian Chic style or “chic Parisiennes” originated in France, a wardrobe filled with not-so-basic statement pieces, perfectly tailored blazers and classic coloured crisp pants is the way forward for this style. The style encompasses very simple but polished combinations, elegantly down-to-earth neutrals tailored with stripes or statement patterns. This style is not about fitting into clothes, it is about the clothes fitting you.

Same Mdluli: PhD History of Art


Art historian Same Mdluli is wearing a crisp white shirt, complemented with classic timeless pearl necklace and a black Barret, a statement piece for the outfit. She describes her style as ‘Parisian classic’.  Mdluli added a beige pressed straight leg pants with brown brogues. Her statement piece for this outfit is her structured brown bag, a complement for her stylish chic brogues.