Agency for New Agenda only used the application to bar the Springboks from the World Cup as a ‘tactic’ to get SARU and the Minister of Sport to talk about transformation.


Agency for New Agenda leader, Tshidiso Mokhoanatse in the Pretoria High Court on Wednesday, after withdrawing his application to bar the Springboks from leaving the country. Photo: Anlerie de Wet

Agency for New Agenda withdrew their application to bar the Springboks from going to the Rugby World Cup, at the Pretoria High Court on Wednesday.

The relatively unknown political party’s leader, Tshidiso Mokhoanatse  made an urgent order to the court  last week to keep the national rugby team from participating in the World Cup in England later this month, arguing that the South African Rugby Union hasn’t met transformation requirements.

“The application was just a tactical move to get them [SARU] to work with us,” said Mokhoanatse.

He said he wants the Springboks to go to the World Cup, but SARU and the Minister of Sport must come to the table when it comes to transformation.

Although the interdict against the Boks has been withdrawn, the ANA still wants the court to order that communities must be allowed to get involved in the transformation process of the sport -as set out in Rule 16A.

Mokhoanatse said the ANA sees today as a victory as it is a step closer to their goal to “remove the  authority in charge to make way for the constitution.”

The matter of ANA’s order on Rule 16A will be settled outside the court at a later date, giving the Boks need to prepare on a camp this weekend and ultimately participate in the World Cup.