Dear Ous Kudu

I have a problem and I hope you can help me. I decide to propose to my long-time boyfriend on Valentine’s Day this year because the old Irish tradition that says women can propose on leap year. After getting the ring and even arranging a romantic spot to ask him, he said ‘no’. Now it’s awkward between us especially because we live in the same complex and study together. Should we break up or should I just get over it and act like nothings happened?

Ous Kudu says:

Firstly, just because its tradition it doesn’t mean you should do it. Girl, what were you thinking? Did he show signs of wanting to be engaged, let alone get married to you? Maybe you should have asked the right questions before you popped the big question?

Now honestly, your next step should be to just put this relationship into the “lessons learned” box. Your boyfriend clearly just said that he does not want to marry you and, in contrast, marriage seems to be what you want. So put your big girl pants on and move on. If you do not want to be the “eternal girlfriend,” don’t be.  Know what you want and what you deserve, then get it!

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