Photo: Supplied

Photo: Supplied


This week’s Cool Kid is a charming and charismatic Witsie with a sense of humour and an Honours in Psychology.

Yeshiel Panchia started taking photos at a young age when his cousin –a professional photographer– introduced him to a camera.

He has since shot everything from music and fashion but now finds himself driven to the more thrilling side of life of storytelling and documentary making, “What I really enjoy doing and what I would like to specialise in is documentary work and journalism,” said Panchia.

“Back in the day I used to think shooting beautiful women was a perk until I got bored of it,” he added.

Admittedly, Panchia says most of his work is inspired by his life and “I made this visual art piece called Mnemosyne, it was inspired by my ex-girlfriend.”
He is also a thrill seeker who is enthusiastic about his bike.