A new student council has been voted into The School of Social Sciences and are acting for managerial transformation in the faculty.

LET'S TRANSFORM: Electoral groups are looking to transform management in The School of Social Sciences Photo: File

LET’S TRANSFORM: Electoral groups are looking to transform management in The School of Social Sciences                                                                                                                            Photo: File

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article said that Dire Masebe and Shikwane Makoga ran as independent candidates when they actually ran for Forces of Change. The error has been corrected in the text below. Wits Vuvuzela regrets the error.

Transformation was the major issue on the agenda as students at the School of Social Sciences elected a new council on Friday.

Twelve positions are held in the council and candidates have said they would work cohesively to serve and benefit students’ needs. The groups view a change in management as a pivotal point in the faculty’s transformation.

Forces of Change, aligned with the Wits Economic Freedom Fighters, told Wits Vuvuzela that their core objective is in getting more black female lecturers and professors in the faculty.

Bhaso Ndzendze of rival political group Independent Rebirth said that they wanted “transformation at the level of management itself,” and want a black, female vice chancellor. “A black female VC is more a matter of principle than a matter of policy, and they would like to see it put into place,” Ndzendze said.

Another group, The Social Network, said they also believe in staff transformation and are “advocating for the hiring of black, South African, female lecturers.”

Candidates have also highlighted that communication between management and students needs to be improved. The Independent Rebirth said they want to implement a ‘student parliament’. Ndzendze said this is to ensure a “level of openness”. Forces of Change said they are looking to create a direct faculty office so “students can speak about their grievances, instead of going to different offices and people.”

The Social Network said they want “a public platform for students to voice their opinions” given that Humanities is meant to be a creative field.

Each candidate stands independently, but they act meant to enact their organisation’s manifesto if elected into position.

The results have been confirmed as follows:

Dire Masebe-Forces of Change

Naadirah Mayet – Forces of Change

Sandla Mtotywa – Forces of Change

Nolukanyiso Gonxeka- Forces of Change

Gugu Malope- The Social Network

Nozuko Jukuju- Independent Candidate

Shikwane Makoga-Forces of Change

Patricia Modiba- Forces of Change

Thato Mokoena- The Social Network

Ahmed Jada- Forces of Change

Hans Dladla- The Independent Rebirth

Azra Karim- The Social Network

Nasreen Bhikhoo- Forces of Change