CCDU has paired up with a counselling psychologist to offer free therapy that helps promote better stress management

The Careers and Counselling Development Unit (CCDU) has launched a second year of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), a therapy that helps users cope with stress, which is available to students for free.

The sessions that are held at the CCDU are run by Claire Jaynes, an experienced counselling psychologist. According to Jaynes, DBT skills training is a type of therapy that can be really helpful within a student environment.

“I find that DBT skills is really helpful within a student setting because while it was developed for those living with personality issues, depression or anxiety, I feel all people can benefit,” Jaynes said.

Jaynes adds that the “mindfulness techniques that are taught are said to enhance stress management, improve quality of life and mood and contribute extensively to self-care.”

MENTAL HEALTH IS IMPORTANT: your mental well being is important, join the DBT skill training and learn how to mange stress better. Photo: Candice Wagener

MENTAL HEALTH IMPORTANT: Wits is offering mental health skills training and learn how to mange stress better.                                                                                                          Photo: Candice Wagener

The university ran DBT in 2015 and because of its success it has been launched into its second year.

When DBT skills training was run for the first time it provided to be a valuable experience for those who attended, Jaynes said.

“Participants have found the sessions to be useful and the skills to be beneficial.”

DBT skills training is conducted in a group setting, which is beneficial as it provides an area where all issues that are presented may be of help to other participants. The types of issues that come up in sessions range from “a desire to improve self-awareness and coping skills” and extends further “to those struggling with difficult feelings including the urge to self-harm or even feeling suicidal.”

Angela Anastasellies, a participant from a DBT skills training group hosted at a psychiatric hospital in Sandhurst, spoke to Wits Vuvuzela about her experience after completing therapy. For her, DBT has been a beneficial learning experience “because it has given me skills that help with interpersonal relations and intrapersonal assistance”.

Anastasellies agrees that it should be used in a student setting and says that she “would recommend it to anyone that struggles with stress and emotional regulation as it gives us the skills to manage.”

Sessions are hosted every Monday from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at CCDU on West Campus, for more information contact reception.

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