A review of Time Machine, the latest EP by Joburg-based band, The Tazers.

A Joburg-based band is the latest to catch the psych rock wave sweeping Cape Town. The Tazers have put their own spin on the genre with their latest EP Time Machine. This is the second EP released by the three-piece band and it features six tracks.

The album features bluesy basslines by Guido Assmann, crooning vocals by front man Jethro Lock and some other experimental sound effects. The lyrics throughout the EP are based on past experiences and girls. Disease is a standout track on the EP. Light on lyrics, it’s heavy on groovy, drawn-out guitar solos. The song, Greed, Love and War really kicks off the EP on a smooth note and the energy amped up throughout the album.

The Tazers have just finished their countrywide tour, “The Best Tour Ever” which featured festival performances at Mieliepop and Lush and included performances from around the country.

The Tazers’ latest offering gets Time Machine a 7/10 Vuvu rating.

You can listen to the Time Machine EP here