Zabalaza Mchunu is a Wits alumnus and marketing manager at VOW FM. A self-described God-fearing person, he is known for his interests in public speaking, acting and comedy. Zabalaza is also known as ‘Date my Family’ after he appeared on the DSTV dating show of the same name. His choice of a ‘Sandton Girl’ whose family were better cooks left Twitter views unhappy with his decision, a choice Zabalaza also regrets.

Describe yourself in three words?
Loud, sweet and welcoming.

How was your experience on the reality show Date My Family?
It was fun. I enjoyed it and I had the time of my life.
[But] looking back, I regret my choice because it was made based on the food and familiarity that the family represented to me but the families didn’t represent themselves well. If I were to choose again I would choose Pumula but her family failed to represent her well.

Based on the criteria you had, do you think when looking back that your final choice was justified?
Yes, my final choice was justified because their food was the best. I chose her because of her food even though the atmosphere at table was cold. But I connected to the fact that the girl and her family were from Eshowe (KwaZulu-Natal), which is where I was born. So she had a lot of things that made me like her and her family, irrespective of their judgmental questions about whether or not I work out and my opinion on weaves. Secondly, she met the criteria in terms of the body that I like in a woman and she is a Zulu girl. [singing] ‘Oh I like a Zulu Girl’.

Are you still in contact with your choice?
No, not really. We spoke briefly after the date and on the day the episode aired.

Has you quest for love been fulfilled? Have you met anyone special now?
[giggles] Yes, I have met someone.

Has she met your specified criteria?
Yes she has, because she is completely opposite to my experience on the show. She is a praying woman who understands me when I am in my element, whether I am on stage or just in general.

How did your friends and family react after you appeared on the show?
Well, guys are angry because I didn’t get the girl. They said I am so stupid for not being able to get the girl. Some women are angry because I didn’t choose the right girl, saying that I chose the ‘obvious choice’. But most people are saying that I was hilarious, which has lead to me getting inbox proposal messages from different women, asking me to date them or offering to cook for me. People who recognise me are asking for selfies, calling me by my name or just ‘Date My Family’. My immediate family, they are ecstatic and said that I made them little celebrities.

Do you consider yourself a celebrity?

No. I just consider myself a well-known person. That is a goal I have, but right now I am not yet celebrated for what I want people to celebrate me for. I will consider myself a celebrity when I have an impact on my community on a bigger practical scale, when I am able to financially help kids or open a school.  For now people can maybe call me a ‘Cele-B’.

 What is next for Zabalaza, will we be seeing you on our screens in the near future?

Yes, you will see me on your screen. I have a comedy film that is coming out in August or September and other feature films. On the other hand, I will be busy with some gigs on the social scene. People must watch the space. I have dreams of hosting events like the MAMAs (MetroFM Awards).

Are you really allergic to weaves?

No. I have never liked weaves as a style of hair because for me weaves look horrendous in the morning… I don’t think someone can be allergic to weaves and no my nose has never been stuck on a strand of weave.