A digital book, A Girl without a Sound, just got translated into Setswana, a first of its kind in South Africa.

Called Mosetsanyana Yo O Didimetseng, the Setswana translation follows the publication of the English version earlier this year.  The book was translated by Segomoco Bosh.

The free-to-download book, which aims to empower young black girls, was written by actress Buhle Ngaba in response to the lack of books for black girls. “We felt it would only make sense that if we were going to make a book about black girls that it would be available in languages that are spoken in South Africa,” Ngaba said.

The author plans to translate the book into other South African languages and only chose Setswana as the first language since it is the language spoken by her family.

Ngaba is currently on a book tour and hopes that the book can reach as many young black girls as possible.

“We want to make sure that it gets to where it needs to get, which is all corners of South Africa – the remote areas that no one reaches,” she said.

A printed version will be published in June.

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