A new postgraduate representative at the SRC has been elected and took office beginning May.

Iyare Brian Uwumagbe, 33, a masters physiotherapy student with a passion to serve, has been elected as the new postgraduate representative in the Student Representative Council (SRC) for 2016/2017.

Uwumagbe, took office at the beginning of May. Uwumagbe says that he is excited about his new position and looks forward to representing postgraduates and making a change.

Uwumagbe explains that his role as the PGA representative is to negotiate on behalf of, in particular, post-graduate students in the SRC. Whatever matters or issues post-graduates are facing, they may contact Uwumagbe through the SRC or consult with him at his office on the second floor of the Matrix, office 217.

Uwumagbe is Nigerian-born and has been in South Africa for one year. While he is doing his masters he wants to go on to do his PhD in geriatric physiotherapy (physiotherapy for the elderly). Uwumagbe goes by the motto, “I love to serve.”

His hobbies are reading history, watching sport and “I love to cook,” says Uwumagbe. His favourite dishes to cook are pounded yam egusi soup with bushmeat or plantain (a fruit which is family to the banana), rice and spaghetti on the side.

Uwumagbe is also the postgraduate representative for the School of |Therapeutic Sciences.