Student residents and the Wit’s Economic Freedom Fighters party marched from the University of the Witwatersrand to South Point Central to voice their dissatisfaction on Monday July 25.

Student residents and the Wits Economic Freedom Fighters marched to South Point Central to deliver their memorandum demanding among others, lower fees, on Monday, July 25.

The Wits Economic Freedom Fighters’ party (EFF) held a meeting on July 20 where grievances of student residents and workers from South Point accommodation were made. It was decided that a memorandum will be drafted and delivered to South Point Central, Braamfontein the following Monday.

The march moved from campus to South Point Central’s offices in Braamfontein where protesters gathered outside the building. South Point staff were reluctant to allow the protesters but security eventually opened the glass doors for protestors to enter.

The memorandum included issues regarding a lost key fee of R600, R10 for each bundle of washing, R250 for a visitor to sleep over, curfew times and the lack of security cameras, among others. The memorandum was accepted by Anjoh Poolton, national facilities executive at South Point Management Services and Ndumiso Davidson, chief executive officer at South Point.

The Wits EFF said that they will give South Point until July 28 to respond to their memorandum.