The ANC manifesto outlines the party’s achievements and goals for the next five years. It places an emphasis on strengthening communities and providing a better standard of living for all South Africans.

Basic services:

These include 90% of households with access to piped water, 86% of households with access to electricity and 79.5% of households with access to basic sanitation. However, the manifesto is not specific on what “increased access” means.  The manifesto also states that the ANC has provided “3.7 million subsidised housing opportunities”.  There are no figures regarding the ANC’s goals for the next five years, only that it will “build on the achievements made in the delivery of basic services”.

Job creation:

Job creation has been a key point for the ANC and opposition parties. The ANC manifesto emphasises the success of the Expanded Public Works Programme which created five million “job opportunities” for poor and unemployed people between 2004 and 2014. The plan is to provide an additional six million jobs by the year 2019. Now the party promises to continue providing work opportunities by strengthening local economic development and providing a variety of programmes to communities that will focus on sport and recreational facilities, science and technologies and productive and creative skills.


Education has become a central focus for the whole country following student protests demanding access to free tertiary education. However, the manifesto does not outline the ANC’s achievements with regards to education (basic or tertiary) but merely mentions that it has “broadened access to adequate education and training”. The manifesto does note the importance of working together to place an emphasis on education in local communities and to “accelerate the development and support of early childhood development facilities”.

Health care:

The manifesto states that, “The ANC government has expanded access to primary healthcare services to more people.” However, it does not mention how this has been achieved or how many people constitute “more people”.  It lays out plans to improve access to health care by better equipping and maintaining clinics, strengthening programmes to promote healthy lifestyles, improving programmes to fight tuberculosis and expanding the treatment programme of HIV and Aids.

Crime and corruption:

The ANC says 234 government officials have been convicted for corruption. However, the manifesto is silent on what has been done to reduce crime. The ANC will strengthen community safety forums and the enforcement of municipality by-laws, and work with all sectors to reduce crimes against women and children and create massive campaigns against drug abuse.  The ANC will also implement more programmes to effectively deal with fraud and corruption and to ensuring there are consequences for illegal decisions made by municipal councils.