The relationship distance between students and NSFAS is drawing narrower with the introduction of the new student centered model. 

Students applying for tertiary funding can now do so directly to the National Student Financial Scheme (NSFAS), and don’t have to go through the institutions.

The new student-centred model was launched on Monday, August 1. It is designed to foster a direct relationship between the students and NSFAS.

Under the new system, all new applicants are required to submit their applications directly to NSFAS online. Once an application is approved, NSFAS will allocate funding for the student which will be paid directly to the institution to cover the cost of tuition. Funding will be granted provided that the applicant meets the academic requirements of NSFAS?

Eligible students will be paid allowances through the NSFAS sBux system, through which allowances for accommodation, transport, food and textbooks are paid in the form of vouchers. The vouchers can be used at registered sBux outlets.

Current students

All students who have signed their Loan Agreement Forms (LAF) for 2016 and are currently receiving NSFAS funding are not required to reapply. However, they are required to update their information online by logging onto the official website:

Matriculants who have already submitted their NSFAS applications to Wits are not required to reapply. The university will submit all received applications directly to NSFAS. However, as of August 1 2016 the Wits Student enrolment centre will not be accepting any further applications for NSFAS funding.

The deadlines for applications are as follows:

  • Grade 12 and past matriculants: November 30 2016
  • Registered students who were not previously funded: September 1 – November 30 2016

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