FIERCE: Mongezi Mkhonto is this week's cool kid on campus. Photo: Mokgethwa Masemola

FIERCE: Mongezi Mkhonto is this week’s cool kid on campus.
Photo: Mokgethwa Masemola

“I never get worried of being too much because I don’t think I’m too much. Whenever I think something is too much that’s when I know it’s not me.” Within those few words is the spirit of this week’s cool kid.


Mongezi Mkhonto Photo: Mokgethwa Masemola

Mongezi Mkhonto
Photo: Mokgethwa Masemola

Mkhonto is a 21-year old Bachelor of Accounting Science student in his second year. But it is what he does outside the classroom that makes him so cool. Hailing from the East Rand, Mkhonto had aspirations of working in a corporate environment, but after completing matric at the National School of the Arts (NSA) in Johannesburg, his dreams became very different.


Soon after starting his studies at Wits, he visited a local cosmetics store, where he saw celebrity make-up artist, Muzi Zuma, and he was instantly inspired. Since then, he has cultivated his passion for make-up to the extent that he intends on working in the beauty and media industry after completing his studies.

Mkhonto describes himself as someone who is fun, expressive, artistic and energetic. He spends his spare time on Instagram looking at beauty trends and playing the violin. “My general escape is the art of make-up,” he said.

Despite how difficult he thought campus life would be, Mkhonto finds that he enjoys it and he has been embraced by a lot of people. His time at NSA taught him how to deal with different kinds of personalities and so he can easily brush off negativity.

“A lot of people will be really negative but they are not gonna do it to my face, because (of) the way I carry myself. People only show me love because I only carry love and beautiful energies,” said Mkhonto.