#FeesMustFall is a movement to restore the dignity of the poor

By Kefentse Mkhari

I am extremely humbled and honoured to be part of this generation – the generation that has decisively chosen its mission and is willing to go to the bitter end to fulfill it. #FeesMustFall is a historic movement that seeks to restore the dignity of the black poor working class in South Africa.

The call for free, quality and decolonised education that echoes across all institutions of higher learning has become an umbrella body for black unity and resistance against an oppressive system that has been comfortably hiding itself under the so called “democracy”.

The #FeesMustFall movement results from the consciousness and rage of the Black youth in our country. The commodification of education continues to bar many potential black youth from the doors of education.

In this country it is not enough to be intelligent if your pockets are empty. We are sick and tired of being reduced to poor quality education simply because our parents did not benefit from the apartheid regime, or they are not holding any government position.

We are tired of being reminded how poor we are every time we knock on the doors of higher learning institutions. The black youth of this country has had enough!

We are sick and tired of being taught how to become “educated slaves” of white monopoly capital. The content we are taught seeks not to emancipate us; it seeks to hook us with the same chains of slavery that our forefathers endured.

Until our education is decolonised it can never benefit an African child and for as long as an African child is still incarcerated in the chains of slavery mother Africa shall never live to see her independence.


The [West] will continue exploiting her children in ripping her off of all her treasures. Today the London Stock Exchange is the biggest stock exchange in the world because of the minerals they continue to extract from African soil.


We want education that will socially, politically and most importantly, economically, liberate us from white monopoly capital.


We also seek to conscientise South African society about the false perceptions of democracy that is  used to vanguard white-supremacy and all its interests. We are showing the world who our government is for. Our government is not for our people, our government is a vanguard of white-supremacy.


We are unveiling this white government that has covered itself with black skins to the public. We have been sold out to white monopoly capital. That’s why our leaders can never be bold enough to call out the police brutality we have been subjected to; if anything they would rather call us ungrateful hooligans.


It is true, you can’t bite the hand that feeds you. Our government is fed by and takes orders from white monopoly capital and we are exposing them for the puppets they are.

We are willing to die for this free, quality and decolonised education because we understand what it means not only to us but to the entire African continent. We are at a moment of reclaiming what was stolen from us.

We are taking arms against the second face of colonisation. Through #FeesMustFall Black people will endure their first true freedom in this country.

Our undeterred unified resistance shall bring fees down and liberate a black child.


  • Mkhari is the Wits Student Representative Council (SRC) President