Second year Wits architecture student, Joshil Naran uses poetry and art to express his interpretation of #FeesMustFall2016.

Second year architecture student, Joshil Naran takes a poetic approach to #FeesustFall

Second year architecture student, Joshil Naran takes a poetic approach to #FeesustFall                                                                                         Photo: Aarti Bhana


A second year architecture student at Wits University has used his talent for art to create an artistic impression of the Fees Must Fall protests. Joshil Naran, 20, has produced a video which aims to show that there’s more to the violence and anguish around #FMF than has been portrayed in the mainstream media.
“Music, art, words and poetry don’t attack the body, they attack the soul, that’s what I wanted to show in my visual portrayal of #FeesMustFall,” Naran said.

“I think the way the protests are viewed need to be changed, and that people need to understand the reasoning behind these protests,” he said.

Naran’s YouTube channel, AntitheticThoughts, aims to challenge the thoughts and perceptions of people in society. He uses art, words and poetry to give a deeper meaning to the cause.

He says the artistic and melancholic approach has more impact than just images of broken glass and protesting students.

“If art isn’t melancholic, it isn’t there- when the music is sad, people feel more – it hits them in the heart, and the words are there to help them understand what it is about…”, he said.

He wants to use his channel as a platform to start conversations about the things that really matter.

He said, “Art has a power that goes unseen, it has the ability to bring about change and unity that could one day save the world.”