Two students were arrested early this morning after the opening of classes at Wits university today.

The arrests followed the dispersal of crowds gathering outside the Great Hall, with police firing stun grenades at a group of protesting students.

One of the arrested students has been identified as FeesMustFall leader Catherine Seabe.

“In my quest to find out about the student that was captured by police, I was arrested for asking too many questions,” said Seabe from inside the police van.

Wits students have been prohibited from protesting, holding meetings at Solomon Mahlangu House or assembling in groups of more than 15 students, following an instruction given by Vice Chancellor Adam Habib in an email sent yesterday.

There is currently a heavy presence of security on campus and non-protesting students are also facing difficulty navigating campus due to the action.

Student leaders insist that the protest will continue in the midst of the intimidation. The arrested students have been taken to Hillbrow police station.


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