Photo: Mokgethwa Masemola

Witsie, Charlene Makita, launches a new range of black hair and beauty products. Photo: Mokgethwa Masemola

Wits doctoral student, Charlene Makita, has launched her own range of black haircare and beauty products using Moringa plant oil.

By Hazel Kimani and Mokgethwa Masemola

Makita, who is reading for her PhD in Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, used her knowledge of the field to research and formulate her products which was launched under the label of Natural Aura last week.

“I found out that Moringa oil has a lot of benefits for hair as well, even more than your basic plants and other herbs,” said Makita.

“It was such a gruesome, tedious process because every thought into my product, I researched myself, initially with no help,” said Makita.

So far, Makita has created a whipped shea butter, a hair growth oil, and a hair thickening cerium. A friend who works for another company assisted Makita with the testing of the product and assisted with creating a dehydrating spray and beard oil for her range.

Makita drew her inspiration for her range of products after “going natural” and cutting her hair.

“I think a lot of society is not ready to have us, as black women, be ourselves, which is very sad that we have to conform to the standards of beauty”, said Makita in reference to the hair protests seen at schools around the country earlier this year.

According to Makita, the aim of Natural Aura is to create a product line where black people know about their hair as well as techniques and regimes that improve and take care of their hair. “My message would be, ‘to embrace your natural beauty’”, said Makita.

“It is not just going to be hair products. I actually want it to be a lifestyle product. Eventually, I am going to have creams, soaps, all natural”, said Makita.