No, “Dineo” will not be hitting Gauteng but Joburgers can expect to experience floods due to heavy rainfall during the course of the week.

If social media is to be believed, Cyclone Dineo was set to wreak havoc on South African shores this past weekend. And despite generally inclement weather in the country, The South African Weather Service (SAWS) dismisses claims it is linked to the infamous Dineo.

SAWS forecaster William Msimanga said “Currently there is tropical moisture resulting in rainfall showers which dominate the central interior including the Gauteng province which is said to impact most parts of today and tomorrow.” Msimanga said social media has been getting the weather all wrong this week. “Dineo” hit the coasts of Mozambique lasy week causing serious damage. “The storm claimed seven lives in Mozambique, injuring 50 others,” according to an Eyewitness News report, which added that 13 000 people have been displaced, 22 000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. A number Red Cross volunteers mobilized have been deployed in the affected Mozambique regions.

According to Jennifer Fitchett, lecturer in Physical Geography at Wits, writes in an article published The Conversation said “Tropical storm Dineo has already calmed down. It lost a lot of energy as it made landfall on Mozambique’s coastline, and will continue to weaken as it moves further east.”

“Tropical cyclones and tropical storms gain energy through the evaporation of water over the sea. Without this energy source they quickly downgrade to tropical depression status,” said Fitchett.

The South African Weather Service will continue monitoring the system and provide regular updates on their social media platforms. While SAWS has alread rejected the link to Dineo, it has issued warning of potential of floods due to heavy rains in Gauteng.

Regardless, social media users did what they do best and played around with Dineo.





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