Nolwazi Mbali Lwandle Gule, who is a former eNCA content producer, finds herself back to her first love – radio. She has been appointed at PowerFM as senior producer for the PowerBreakfast with Thabiso Tema. 

Having studied at Wits, majoring in media studies and sociology, Gule gives her views on the difference between being a content producer for TV and radio and the attenda v nt challenges.

Can you briefly describe your experience as content producer at eNCA?
The environment demands your full participation in all things news. Content producers are the front line for information/research and relevant guests on any particular topic.
My experience has been enlightening. The newsroom can be full of fireworks and beauty when everything finally comes together to tell a full story for the audience. You deal with a multitude of personalities, which gIMG_6724rows your own sense of self.

Why move to PowerFM?
The move to PowerFM is official. Radio is my first love. Radio is a theatre for your senses. And the accessibility of radio opens a reach to so many more people than TV. My mission is to inspire, inform and entertain minds while giving you room to express your own opinion – radio does that wonderfully.

What is the difference between working for a TV broadcasting (eNCA) platform and radio?
TV vs radio, the difference has to be the pace. It’s the setting. Radio has great immediacy. TV has the visual element that grabs the viewer with movement and background. eNCA has a certain tone to its news, upright and set. With radio you can be casual, welcoming but still be informative, relevant and serious. Radio allows for the participation of callers, every day people given room to express themselves.

Radio is my first love. Radio is a theatre for your senses



What was the most challenging part of producing for TV compared to radio?
TV is challenging because you would work in big teams and if you don’t fulfill your puzzle, the execution of the show will fall apart. Unlike radio, where it’s you, the presenter and the technical controller. There is a small intimate team.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Creative, smart and resourceful.

What is the one thing you live by (motivational words, motto, etc)?
“I Think, therefore I am.” –[René Descartes]

What is one thing that is unusual that you love doing when entering the newsroom? Get coffee or scream “I have arrived”?
I am a loud greeter. I don’t continue until I have heard everyone acknowledge and greet me back. And I always find a song to sing that fits whatever statement you have said to me, all the time.