A new online applications system has been introduced in 2017 but applicants can still apply using paper applications.

Wits still allowing applicants to apply using paper applications Photo: Chulumanco Mahamba

Wits still allowing applicants to apply using paper applications
Photo: Chulumanco Mahamba

Wits is introducing an updated online application system for 2018 admissions which is encouraged by the Student Enrollment Center, however students can still apply using paper applications.

The University Registrar, Carol Crosley, said “Students are permitted to apply via paper applications or online, although the latter is encouraged as we have had past problems with postal delivery of paper applications and documents getting lost.”

According to Crosley, about 200 000 paper applications were printed in 2016 but most of them were destroyed because they were not used. Admissions for 2017 show that about 53 000 applications were submitted as opposed to about 10 00 paper applications submitted.

Andrea Armstrong, the undergraduate supervisor for the Student Enrolment Centre said that capturing information from paper applications is very time consuming because of the volume of applications received.

“Online applications allow quicker turnaround time for applicants, lower the possibility of receiving incomplete applications, as well as minimise data capturing errors,” said Armstrong.

Applicants log on to the Wits website and create a profile using their date of birth and ID number, and are then sent an email URL link to create their application. The applicants can thereafter upload the relevant documents on the application. There have however been reports of complaints with the online applications system.

Wits Vuvuzela spoke to Buhle Mthimunye a grade 12 learner from Dinwiddie High School in Germiston , who said that she had trouble with her online application. Mthimunye said that she filled in the application and password number that was provided to her but she could not proceed with her application thereafter.

The new online application system was introduced March 1 and the status of applicants are soon to be released.

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