Health Sciences faculty looks into student complaints.

AN ENQUIRY was held by the Faculty of Health Sciences into various academic issues raised by a group of Wits medicine students who also called for the immediate suspension of Professor Scarpa Schoeman, the Director for the Unit of Undergraduate Medical Education who was responsible for the changes.
The students led by final-year student, Leonard Muhango, made a PowerPoint presentation to the Graduate Entry Medical Programme (GEMP 1 and 2 ) class on Monday, July 10, where they laid out their concerns including what they believed to be unfair changes to course assessments for units the students have to pass in order to proceed.
A document of demands that raised nine concerns in relation to the unit was also submitted to the Head of School, Professor Tobias Chirwa.
Due to the ongoing enquiry, none of the involved parties were willing to give Wits Vuvuzela details of the issues raised.
A student who saw the presentation told Wits Vuvuzela that the address was warmly received by some of the students in attendance who responded with cheers.
An enquiry into the issues raised was set up by Professor Lionel Green-Thompson, the Assistant Dean: Teaching, Learning and Undergraduate Affairs, on Tuesday, July 18.
Prof Green-Thompson said, “The enquiry was very quick and intended to provide recommendations on the best way forward in addressing these issues.”
A response was given to the students on Friday, July 21, with a commitment of a detailed report expected on Friday, August 4.
The chairperson of the Medical School Council, Tshegofatso Ubisi, affirmed that the council is in support of the students and their demands.
“As the MSC, we believe that the student demands are valid and an independent investigation should take place so there can be justice. We stand by the students and will see the process through.”
The matter has been escalated to the dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor Martin Veller as of Tuesday, July 27. There is no confirmation of when their enquiry will be finalised.