WITS Computer Network Systems (CNS) has dedicated nine computers for printing stations, one in each of eight CNS computer labs on the education, east and west campuses as well as the medical school, and two in the CLM on west campus.

The printers were installed in response to claims by students that they had to queue for hours to use the computers. Some students, who just wanted to print something, had to wait for a computer to be free. Now CNS has reserved nine computers exclusively for printing purposes.

ONE LESS PROBLEM: a witsie using the new installed printing stations at CNS computer lap.                                                                                                                                       Photo: Tebadi Mmotla

Chief Information Officer Dr Stanley Mpofu said students will be able to use the printing computers for other use if the lab is not busy, but they will need to give way to students who just want to print.

However, he said that CNS will in the future initiate a process to determine how to increase the capacity of their computer labs. “We also encourage students to be considerate of others and not to use resources for non-academic activities,” said Mpofu.

First-year BA student Ntlaletse Tseka told Wits Vuvuzela that the printing computers will save students time. “I don’t have to wait on the line to print. The process is going to be fast and easy. [The printing stations] is a good idea.”

First-year Civil Engineering student Thabo Masina, who relies on CNS computers at Solomon house, told Wits Vuvuzela that he uses the computers to study and to check his emails. “The strategy is good, however the computer labs are always full, people are going to use the printing computer for studying,” he said.

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