The official trials for Wits Netball are taking place on Thursday and Friday February 22 and 23, from 17:00 to 19:30 at the Multipurpose Hall, on Campus East.

Wits Netball is a competitive sport at the institution and is looking to reclaim its glory days in 2018.

The team had a tough year in 2017, as it was relegated from section A to section B after the University Sports South Africa (USSA) games, as it performed badly after finishing last in its division in section A.

Wits Sports officer Tebogo Rabothata said the team needs to work hard to move to section A again. “We have a good chance of getting in the Varsity Netball.”

Although the team’s performance was not its best, the Wits Netball coach Judi Rathethe was pleased with the team she began to build. “Last year I had to start the team afresh with new talent and rebuild it. There were a lot of girls without previous netball experience, but they were willing and eager to learn. Their respect was amazing and their commitment was incredible,” she said.

“I believe in development and having a team that is disciplined. We want to bring back netball to what it was years back, because netball is a competitive sport in South Africa, so if we can get more girls to compete at that level,” said Rathethe.

Rathethe said at this year’s trails they are looking for more experienced players, “We want to continue to the great legacy that was Wits Netball before. The girls must share the same vision and mission to get where we want to as a team and be more equipped to make it back to section A, to have a chance to represent us at the Varsity Netball.”

According to Rabothatha, the teams will be chosen as early as Monday, February 26 and the players that are not chosen for the first team will be feeder teams for the A team.
The games are set to begin in March and they are busy working on the roster, said Rabothatha.

If you miss the trials on Thursday or Friday, Rabothatha said, “You should let the Wits Sports office know and we will arrange an extra date for the trials.”