Restaurant owner says the business was not viable.

Theo’s on the Wits Education Campus in Parktown has been shut down. As of this week, the restaurant will only cater for events.

The owner of Theo’s, Theo Achilleos, told Wits Vuvuzela that he had made the decision to close the Education Campus branch for financial reasons. “The Education Campus branch was not viable as a business during the day and I made the decision to close it down. It will now only operate when there are events happening at the Linder Auditorium,” he said.

“Students have been asking for Theo’s to reopen but a lot of students go away on practicals and it becomes too quiet, and I still need to pay my staff,” Achilleos said.

Theo’s has been operational at Wits since 2001, but the Education Campus branch was opened in 2015.

Third-year Bachelor of Education student, Kyle Maoko, said a number of students were upset by the closure. “A lot of students were actually angry by the fact that the place was shutting down. Theo’s was the main place for food on the campus because Olives and Plates only offers snacks and coffee,” Maoko said.

Wits Services has plans to get other food services onto the campus.

Deputy Director of Retail and Catering at Wits, Nicholas Matthes, said that food mobile units had already started working on the campus. “There are two mobile vendors selling food during the week and the mobile units offer a variety of kotas, cooked meals, burgers, sandwiches as well as affordable meal solutions,” he said.

Matthes told Wits Vuvuzela that Wits Services was looking at installing vending machines to extend the offering of items such as cold drinks, crisps and sweets.

The Theo’s on the Braamfontein East Campus is still operating, and Achilleos said there were no plans to close it.

FEATURED PHOTO: Theo’s restaurant during operating times. Photo: Nokuthula Mabena